🙏Thanking the Man above for allowing and Blessing me to see 25 years today! I also appreciate all the love I have received from family & friends today and throughout these blessed 25 years. I lost some close friends and family thru these years, but gained close beautiful angels 👼. I’m going to continue to Smile and Live Everyday like its my Last! 💯💯💯 #blessed #salute #RealRecognizeReal #thankyou #25yearsold #OG #kr3w #Alliwantformybirthdayis




Don’t know what’s going I but I like it.


Medical Examiner In Zimmerman Trial Sues For $100M, Claims Prosecution Threw Case

In a bombshell allegation, Florida medical examiner Dr. Shiping Bao (pictured) claims that Florida state prosecutors were biased against Trayvon Martin and purposely threw the case, and he is suing the state for $100 million, reports WFTV.com.

According to Bao, the medical examiner, state attorney’s office, and Sanford Police Department all felt that Martin “got what he deserved.” Bao also claims that he received the strong, though subtle, message not to speak on certain things:

“He was in essence told to zip his lips. ‘Shut up. Don’t say those things,’” said Bao’s legal counsel, legendary Attorney Willie Gary.

Bao’s allegations come swiftly on the heels of him being fired from his position as associate medical examiner.

Volusia County released a letter on Tuesday, stating that Bao was fired last week. Spokesman Dave Byron declined to give a reason for Bao’s termination, citing “county standard personnel practices,” reports CBS News.

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